Ok I admit that as I sit here at Office #7  in lovely downtown London Ont I can’t help but eavesdrop on people who are complaining and them talking about having a positive attitude in life, WTF?  How is your toast, Mille?  Oh I have never had toast like this before….it is good and yet bad???!!  Hmmm, what ever happened to restaurants that made good toast??  Why can’t we make toast any more? I know it is the internet and it poisons these kids minds.  It is a toast conspiracy and face book is behind it!  Donna , when are you re-decorating your garage??  This weekend?  When are the kids coming over for movie day?  Oh my that is a good one!  Folks the nervous laughter and forced smiles gives this performance away, it is all fake, LOL.  Am I ready to snap?  No not anymore! I listen and appreciate why today these group of people have been placed in my path to support the scene and advance it forward.

SJD  “People appear to support and advance the various scenes of life.”

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