They All Wondered What Happened….

He was and still is strong, smart and has a university degree, what happened?  He had a good job with the government, what happened?  He was earning a decent wage as well, what happened?  Hmmm how to answer this?  Let’s chalk these failures up to self sabotage, financial immaturity and hanging out with the wrong people.  Most rich people I know are fucked up, yes I said it fucked up,  emotionally and socially.  I only have to look as far as Doug Clark, Sheldon Aaron and Bruce Schneider simple as.  But they do know how to bull shit and work the numbers, they do know and are aware of the real time ratios and what it takes. That is the only praise I will give them.  Now for The Bank of Smith;they also knew how to work ratios and were aware of the numbers as well, however, The Bank of Smith had and still has a lo tolerance for risk, hence low growth.

This is the 4th time this money lesson has been delivered to my front door to do again.  The previous 3 times I passed the in class and failed the practical hence that is why I am here again at 42 years old.  Here is the deep learning for me to pass the in class exam and the practical:

  1. Re-story my money relationship
  2. Appreciate money balance (in and out)
  3. Understand the power and energy of money
  4. Only listen to those who are wealthy
  5. Understand and be aware of the money energy balance daily
  6. Know that I am always in control
  7. Learn more from The Bank of Smith

When I place the energy of money in the top 3 life priorities then I am nourishing my soul.  Cash flow energy is important to life as is air and water.  Know that there is always balance at all times.  So first things first.

  • Liquidate all remaining cash holdings in reserve
  • Pay down anything in 30 day arrears
  • Aggressively find a J O B that pays a base for survival
  • Continue to keep all PT projects and assignments on the front burner and know it may take time to ramp up to a cash flow profit position.
  • Set a cash flow intention with increasing increments quietly tell no one.
  • Take a current inventory and accounting of all assets, liabilities, operating expenses and cash flow entities, know where I stand daily with cash energy.

How did I ever prep for and finish a marathon?  By running 1 km a day for 12 months and then moving to 3 and then 8 and then 10 and the 15 and so on and so on and so on.


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