How to Play Stupid

WTF?  What now? Not again?  More struggle and resisted denial?  Why?  It is best that I maintain and play the role of the peculiar, impulsive, outspoken, energetic, job hopper.  It is best that for the rank and general power game that I show or fake a degree of lack of structure or deference of rank.  As long as most think or at least believe I am very close to insolvency and bankruptcy and sustained job loss then I am safe.  All of my problems arose when I told the great powers to be that they were wrong, they had it all wrong.  I also am aware that most people  are very very emotionally fragile and protective of titles and past material trophies.  These relics are very precious to who they think they are as people.

Best to be quiet in general and play stupid to the general public and behind the corporate curtain be digging and planning greatness with the good souls of the world.

Shawn Draisey

Resident Fool, Enigma and Imbecile LOL

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