Financial Belly Flop

Sure it will work, it’s me and all crowds love me!  Poor cost projections, no plans and too much hype and energy.  Fuck man!!  My great belly flops!  No wonder people look at me like I am on a drug and sort of touched as some used to put it.

Now I get it, financial common sense balanced with a bit of passion and energy.  Positive thought is too hyped and over rated at this point.  Cash is king!  It helps pay the bills.  I am not saying that other stuff is important in life; cash is king.  It keeps a roof overmy head, keeps me warm and feeds me.  Cash is king!!!  All is have to say is that I am changing my energy and point of view on this matter as of right now today.

Shawn Draisey

Insolvent Bankrupt

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