The Appreciative Eye

I am leaving the career transition world sort of.  Not all together though.  I am called to a Newer and Bigger game perhaps on a global scale.  I am leaving ESCLM as well as Quilly the Goose and her Barnyard Friends.  I am leaving the Group of 7 or the Magnificent 7 or whatever handle we call graft, corruption and malfeseance.

I am called to be part of the Strengths Based Revolution. It will start with International Chinese students first and move to other areas. My system level of interest at this point is the individual. The power questions of AI land deeply with me and it just makes sense to start and understand the strengths of a system and move outward to areas that desire change.  Rob Straby, Marcus Buckingham as well as David Cooperider and the Dali Lama have some good stuff.  That is a group I wish to join and be with from here on out til death do us part.

My energy and time has been spent with those who have no desire to seek what works, what is strong and good.  I invested minutes, days and weeks of energy to try to sway them to see the benefits of asset based career transition;they remained steeped in deficit based language of problem solving for the benefits of control and comfort of power.

The paradox is that true power comes from stepping in to authentic strong stories and living them with courage every hour of the day.  See Brene Brown also Larry Horowicz.  Truth and deep inner strength is vulnerable, intimate and loving.  WOW! all of that from a man??!!  Yup and there is more to, just not today.

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Shawn James Draisey

AI Consultant

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