More for the Bitterly Serious Business Person

Hmmmm, let me start here with what I have experienced as a personality minority in the past 42 years of existence.

Serious:  Webster-relating to a matter of great importance, thoughtful, non-joking, heavy subdued

Bitter: Webster-exhibiting intensity or severity,unpleasant coldness

Ok so now I have excavated the ground work.  Why not accept this majority group and help them be more of….that… bitter and serious??  I think this is where most of the world’s cash flow is going.  Interventions, counselling for change please???!!  How can I(we) assist you to be more bitter and intensely serious throughout a business day?  How can we help you rant and rage more?  How can we help you make more policies and rules?  We have your best interests in mind.  We want you to leave each and every work day full of bitterness, adrenaline, and cortisol.  We desire to help you become more emotionally unbalanced than you already are.  My god after all we love and accept you as a bitterly serious business person.  We are here to understand and serve.  We have a host of programs aimed to create a greater emotional feel for disliking people, yourself and the world in general.  We want to help you control people, places and things or at least give the illusion that you are LOL!  We want to help you slam doors, swear, sweat through your underwear, be complacent, weak in places and bully most every one while keeping that devilish stupid nervous fake laugh and smile and you sign business deals and peddle your wares.

In short we here at the Emotional Baggage Company are in business to keep you bitter and serious every work day.  We have special weekend programs as well as Monday morning panic and anxiety attacks for those who need that little kick in the pants after a weekend of drinking, drugging, gambling and having unprotected sex with the neighbour.  Or may be you have had a quiet 48 hours of quiet panic and anxiety attacks sitting at home.  We have a brand new passive resentment coaching program.  1:1 tutoring face to face and online to help you get the most out of those people you resent and say nothing to but wish they would some how contact Hep C and be on dialysis for the rest of theirs lives.  Our passive resentment programs helps you with guided imagery and visualization as you spend your times spinning your emotional wheels trying to change people, places and things that are out of your control.  Ask us about your pharmocology program with added injections of stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol for the real stressed and anxiety feel.  Noting like a good biological bender every work day to give you a stroke or heart attack asap.  Even check our early and blame everyone else.

Woooooohoooooo, now that was a rant, I just couldn’t stop it LOL

SJ Draisey

Drug dealer to the bitterly serious

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