For the Bitterly Serious

I have learned that most of the world is bitterly serious. It is made up of technically structured people in science, business and general government bureaucracy.  This is the bulk of the mediocre bell curve.  Those who lie outside this majority are the minority outliers on either tail of the curve.  Those who create, laugh and play.  The artisans, innovators, inventors and all purpose entertainers who enlighten, and educate the landed gentry at times when the bitterness of being rigidly serious is just too much.

For a long long time I have butted heads with the majority and wondered why they can’t laugh, or play or create.  I have burned many  a well paying job and contacts in the majority.  And now after a great epiphany I have realized that the majority of the bitterly serious are perfect as they are, bitter!  This is my job from here no out.  To help them be improve on the business of being bitter.  This is serious I am not joking here.  Maybe one day a year they will 10 or 12 seconds to laugh without reservation at the assumed chaos and wonder of life and the world.

More later LOL

Yours in wisdom, storytelling and humor

SJ Draisey

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