The Piss and Moan Cafe

This is a pre-write on the 28 th for my Jan 29th 2011 edition of 221 Zombies.  Hmm getting to be quite fun ranting and making fun of people, places and things.  Who cares if anyone reads it, to quote Seth  Godin, a blog is to see if you can do it and consistently do it with enthusiasm of the craft of creating.

I have moved from Office #3 JLC Little Red Roaster to 3rd floor LPL Central where I am waiting a Chinese exchange student pick his nose as he plays mario cart on his lap top.  It is very interesting to say the least.  I am also in viewing distance of a group of schleps in the board room listing to a hack at the front puck up graphs, stats and slide after fucking slide of meaningless bullet points.  Why not give them War and Peace to read as you talk?  I thought Fortune 500 companies had problems with ppt not to mention speaking in front of a group.  I can see one person right now nodding of into narcolepsy and the drool is starting to crust around his bottom lip.  Wow!  so much for group and committee meetings, may be this is what is meant “Death by committee.”  There is much of a Knowing and Doing Gap with visual presentations and/or live talks.  I am done getting into street fights or cage matches with those who would rather defend their belief position that they know who to do PPT and speak in public.  I am merely an beginner LOL.

Enough of that right now.  Hmmm may the P&M can become a short clip or bumper during the week of daily notes?  Every likes to complain, be irresponsible and blame people, places and things for their lives not being the great fairy tale it was supposed to be.  Enter the Piss and Moan Cafe, our wide array of e-motional cocktails, appertifs, shots, wine and beer selection.  We have all we have to make your e-motions amplify.  That is why your here right?  To escape persecution?  To hide from the world audience? To indulge in the fantasy of self pity, shame, guilt and fear? To shrink from your power and leak energy to others?  There is a man humming religious tunes right now on LPL central floor 3, it is quite entertaining actually.  Now back to the show.

Why am I the owner of the P&M?  For years on a daily habitual basis I bellied up to the bar and ordered a round of self pity shooters for everyone who would join in my misery and irresponsibilty.  We would have a laugh or a tear and toss down a chaser of anger and sadness to really tie one on.  I felt a warm glow of self satisfaction that I was right and the world audience was wrong.  That polarity let me bask in my e-motional drunkeness and order more shame, pity, guilt, fear, lack of confidence, lack of worth to  devalue my existence as the seconds turned to minutes.

I am still the sole proprietor of the P&M I have switched to drinking elixirs of love, faith, acceptance and compassion for myself first.  I am healing the intended de-basement of my existence from days gone by.  I used to try and save those who wanted to keep drinking self pity shooters.  I used to try and sell love, acceptance and self care to those who did not want it.  Now I save the good stuff for my heart and soul only.  There is more than enough to go around should someone appear who wants to partake.

The P&M is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we never ever run dry.  We have it all!  Every E-Motional cocktail to suit your fancy.  Consider yourself at home, you be the boss.

More later

Shawn J Draisey

Owner and Proprieter

The Piss and Moan Cafe

Est. 1968

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