A Whole Bunch of Crazy Shit….

SHAWN DRAISEY!!!! SHAWN JAMES DRAISEY!!! language!! you are using!  When will you learn your manners?  LOL when i grow up…or may be never it depends what social company i keep, woooooohooooooo.

Welly , well well well here we are on the Friday before 30 days ago New Years LOL.  Big ideas abound at this point in time.  In 2004 I started doing crazy shit with chat rooms and IM stuff learned from Carole Cotton and the good good folks at KP.  In 2005 and 2006 my biz partner and I started to create, write, produce, edit, engineer and star in our own pod casts for KP and later moved onto pod cast production that was soon snuffed out by the Waffen SS as well as the storm troppers here in town.

Hmmm, at this point in time, in this city, with a new bunch of people the time may be right to do some crazy social media shit again. May be…via  pod casts, blogs and vlogs.  Upgrades to the MAC platform need to be done as well as proper microphones, head sets and distribution channels.  This is not for money only to see if I can finish this assignment with pomp and a major degree of coolness.

Here is what is on the way:

OS upgrade to Snow Leopard

i Life upgrade and GB upgrade

Microphone and headset upgrade

dist channel upgrade

creation, writing, editing, engineering, production and direction upgrade

feasibility dates Feb march 2011

target date launch april 2011

Any how it is all fun and games until some one looses and eye during rough sex.

Shawn Draisey

Job Agent

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