30 Days Out

When I arrive at the end of the month I will have written every day for 31 days consistently.  My issue is no longer doubt it is the inertia of misguided focus.  Fragmented or scattered energy and bad energy at that.  If I can do 30 I can do 60 and if I can do 60 I can do 90 and so on.

I have de-railed most of the good things in my life due to arrogance and ignorance growing faster than my humility and acceptance.  My arrogance was shame and need based from attachment to people, places and things.  If only they would approve and like me then all will be well.  If only they would do things my way and see it my way then life would be perfect for me..but only for a bit.. a few seconds or so. LOL.

Then rants and writings will continue….all in good play and fun.

shawn draisey

job agent

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