Acceptance and Common Sense

Hello all!  Today’s special message has to do with common sense and energy.  Hmmm is that like the secret and thinking positively?  No not quite!  People change their minds and their motives quickly so take some time to look past the emotional camoflage to the why they are talking to you.

Most of the time it has to do with a need or a control process they are feeling weak in.  My God the incidents of the past 24 hours have taught me to hedge my bets at all times and be aware, yes I said aware of everything in the environment.  Be quiet and calm when observing.  A tiger rarely changes its stripes.  Acceptance and de-tachment of everything.

I am spinning because I got attached for a bit so my emotions are in self pity mode with a bit of internal ass kicking and abuse.  It is not as bad as it has been in the past but I asked for it.  Birds of a feather.. as they saying goes.  In some places I have over stayed my welcome.

Be aware at all times be aware of all the cues that are given and study unconsciousness and guilability, is that spelled right?  Be conscious every waking moment.  Be conscious of what is happening right in front of your face, be quiet and watch with the whole body and mind.

Keep feeding your self energy, love, acceptance and care.  You have been here many times before.  Be serene and quiet, your next assignment is on the way.

Shawn Draisey

Job Agent

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