Merry Xmas and Happy New Month Every One

Just think all you kids and grown up kids who have yet to pay off the xmas credit card debt let alone your cell phone and IM texting bill that only 30 days ago we were in the absolute wonder of Christmas.  Remember with me…will you.  Last minute shopping, stressed, tired, overwhelmed, bad weather and travel to deal with, in-laws, ex-husbands, ex-wives, company chirstmas parties, running out of money, passive resentment, extended family, step family, blended family, drinks, drugs, gambling and a partidge in a pear tree.  Remember that now wasn’t that just the best time ever?

Oh come on can’t we relive the holidays just one more time every 24-25 of each month and feel the fraudulent Christmas love. Wow!  Shawn you put that one right across the plate with a bit of heat, why?  Because I want to demonstrate the absolute mood disorder pathology we fall into after the 30th of November every year.  We manufacture our insanity each and every year it is the same.  Hmmm, there may be a $$ making opportunity with the Christmas Pathology.  I am not talking millions either, billions if not trillions of dollars can be made from the illness of christmas.  Hmmm, the illness of Christmas ooo I might have something there.  Each holiday beings with it and illness a money illness.


Shawn Draisey

Job Agent

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