Hello I am here at the Little Red Roaster JLC on King Street and listening to a group of soon to graduate students talk resumes.  LOL  It is a good thing that I always bring along an industrial sized fleet enema, hot water, and soap for just such an occasion.  They are being coached and advised by a retired HR manager. Quit it! Fuck please!!!!  None of the 3 have ever swam in open water.  They are best guessing.  None of the 3 have been on the open market to survive.  It all sounds fantastic it sounds great until one gets in front of the firing squad.

I have bigger fish to fry at this time.  Let them argue about who writes the best documents and such.  And let them tell their fantasized war stories about being on the job market.

Just remember that,

it is all fun and games until some one looses an eye during rough sex.

Shawn James Draisey

Job Agent

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