Court Jester or Licensed Fool

After I was released from the hospital emergency and trauma unit this past Thursday I had another moment of clarity.  My core problem has been fighting and rejecting the power matrices of money, emotion, fear, guilt, shame, politics an survival.  99% of people want to be lied to, want to be had, taken and conned.  They want to be victims of people, places and things.  The intention is to blame circumstance, politics and places for their victimization and abuse.  That was my modus operendi for a longtime.  Angry little fella that I was.  Power matrices, royalty, oligarchs, landed gentry, nobility and academics all make up the energy and emotional suffering of what we know as life in the King’s Court.

I came to again after Thursday morning in the recovery ward at the hospital.  It is a game of the Rich!  It is not meant for me!  The game of the rich is for academics, nobles, oligarchs, and landed gentry.  The common person has another game to play if they choose.  Using the matrices to leverage a personal game of choice.  The matrices are to large and processing billions of not trillions of dollars every hour of the day.  The book keeping must be atrocious and the headaches enough to polish of a bottle of Tylenol 3’s.  In the King’s Court there are often too many balls in the air and/or flaming chainsaws to juggle. Some balls are dropped and chainsaws burn up.  If I am able to watch and observe very closely at who and what are at the King’s Court, opportunities abound.  Most of those in the King’s Court are emotionally sick.  The symptoms they display are shame, guilt, fear, control, delusion, deception and ignorance.

The Court Jester or Licensed Fool is the only one in the Court of the King who could speak at will about his/her observations about people, places, things and events.

Hmmm, I think I may look further into this job description.


Shawn Draisey

Job Agent

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