The Rich Man’s Game

Hmmm, I failed at my 3rd attempt to get a position at UWO today.  I can’t play the rich man’s game.  Meaning it is hard for me to be fake and fraudulent for the sake of impressing other people.  And by the way if so many employees at UWO are paid top dollar how come their aren’t more millionaires in London.

I will continue on with The Bank of Smith Part 2 very soon but first this quick message…the rich man’s game is for the rich-notice I said rich not wealthy.  I have worked for many a rich man and they are full of shit most of the time.  Yes they are rich but not wealthy.  All that being said I will design a game that I can play to win.  No one can ever win the rich man’s game but the rich or those who desire to be full of shit most of the time.

If most of these corporate directors are so powerful and get paid so much then why can’t they cure cancer or for that matter design environmentally friendly underwear?  How come they don’t own islands in french polynesia or buy small villages in Sierra Leone?

Remember that it is all fun and games until someone looses and eye during rough sex.

Shawn Draisey

Job Agent

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