Lottery Winnings

Ok, I admit that I have been married unhappily and have completed one full tour of duty in the matrimonial trenches when I was younger and much wiser LOL.  Believe it or not my ex-wife was a millionaire to boot, to the tune of  2,000,000.00.

However, my message today is not about cash it goes much deeper than that.  I have come to the realization of creation, design and building a new life at any time.  That is the real lottery.  Hmmm, before I forget I wanted to talk about loneliness, self pity and self indulgence.  I can’t get over the number of online dating sites, and e-dates and the like. They are playing on the fears of souls in shame and self pity.  Hmm forlorn that you are alone and the rest of your friends are in relationship bliss?  Quit it!  A relationship is not a TV commercial or a US sitcom where everything gets solved on 30 minutes and the couple ride off in the sunset happily ever after.  It is hard work between 2 people who have made a commitment to create the present moment together as one.  Ooooooo that’s too deep and emotional!!!??  Yes, it is supposed to be.  But that is winning the lottery!  Create design and build the present moment with who you want.

I had an idea or a whack on the head last night after many years of being needy, co-dependent, and shame based.  From my point of view there are 3 catagories of females that I know of at this time.  They are:

1.Those who have lived a sheltered life and have been a Miss Priss coming from money, family authority and proper pedigree.

2.Those who have experienced life in its extremes and have yet to take ownership  and process through their stuff.  Most are in denial.

3.Those who have experienced life in its extremes have taken ownership and have made a choice to take responsibility in how they shape their lives as well as work through their stuff.

I am interested in talking to candidates from the 3rd category.  I have spent 20 years in the first 2 categories with horrendous results.

Shawn Draisey

Job Agent

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