Strengthen the Heart

Today I will spent a bit more time on the unseen virtue of strengthening the heart.  I my circumstance this means never being too busy.  WTF?  Courage is one thing, foolish over committing and procrastination is another.  Courage may fall into the realm of healthy striving and growth.  Over commitment and procrastination take be back to co-dependence and under delivery.

Courage, clarity and healthy striving  are part of my heart conditioning program to ready me for a bigger game.  I am not concerned what others may think or judge at this point in time, I left that on Lakeshore Blvd not too long ago.

Courage for me is to begin to close the knowing doing gap in my life or to have “the courage to change the things I can.”  My 24 hours are sectioned off into bit size pieces of one project after another.  For me to take on a while 24 hours and then have it overwhelm me is shame and fear based co-dependence that I did not get enough done.  The “never enough” syndrome, always deficient, always shamed and always busy running here or there to look at the truths of life.

Shawn Draisey

Job Agent

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