More On Knowing and Doing….

I know how to get rich, and healthy and wealthy and the rest of the good life.  Why isn’t this happening for me?  Hmmmm, the knowing and doing gap.  There are 3 entities that sit side by side in the gap.  One of them is my critic and saboteur and the other is my wise advisor and counsel and the last one is my creative child;hence the TA PAC model right before me.  Too often in my life most of the important choices have been made from the extremes of the child or the saboteur landing me in hot water socially, emotionally and financially.  Just because it seems like a great doesn’t mean it should not be thought out from a balanced standpoint, the wise advisor.

When I fell in love for the first time with myself a few short weeks ago there was celebration for everyone.  I had made a choice to end the insanity of shame based co-dependence on people, places and things.  I am learning and exploring how to create,design and build life with each breath. Remember that added to this is life operations of bill payment, rent and the like.  How can that be transformed into something creative and enjoyable and grateful?  Hmmm, leave that with me for a bit.

More on the knowing doing gap later….


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