The Process of Becoming Wealthy…

I know a lot of rich people men and women.  I worked for a lot of rich people.  I make fun of a lot of rich people because they are rich not wealthy.  Simple numbers will and a bit of science to get rich it is black and white math and accounting most of it.  Know the numbers Draisey  I was told my most rich people. I failed math so that is why I am not rich.  Oh poor victim excuse, you are right.  That is why I went back to grade 11 math and re-studied.  There is a gap between knowing and doing.

What about wealth?  They are rich not wealthy.  Shawn why do you say that?  Because most of them are drunks, child abusers, wife beaters, gamblers, psychiatirc patients and overall social emotional misfits. That is not wealth!  Rich yes but not wealthy.

Hmmm, might the process of wealth start with health?  The simple stuff air, water and food in that order.  Why neglect the basic building blocks of life for riches?  Many do it every day and I did it until that one day at 4am on Lakeshore Blvd.  I desired and intended wealth not riches.  The GM of the plant I worked at was very very rich not wealthy.

The quest for me is to be intrigued and comtemplate the process of becoming wealthy.

Anyhow it is all fun and games until someone looses an eye during rough sex.

Shawn Draisey

Job Agent

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