I can hold my own…..

Superlatives and more fucking superlatives!!!  Haven’t we had enough of the lies?  Come on.. the best,a professional, number one, excellent, superb, never better, etc.,etc.  Why do we fall for this when it is all a magic show?  Tell the truth…I have a small business called Acme Job Advice Inc.  we are a solid 3rd choice!  the end that is all.  We give job advice so your family doesn’t have to.  That is it!  Do people really enjoy being lied to and mislead?  Hmm news to me or are they still fast asleep going through each hour of the day hoping peace and quiet will soon come.

I am finished with striving to be the best or impress and finesse the power that be or the hot babe who might be watching. listening or reading.  I am showing up every day to hold my own.  No axes to grind no bullshit to eat just hold my own.  That does not mean that I am a co-dependent pushover.  I study and invest my energy into chosen events and people that give a brisk and beneficial return on attention.

I used to be over busy so i could say to people “look at me I am over-busy and so busy I am out of control help me LOL” snicker snicker isn’t he cute?  To the contrary I was a walking mind fuck in a box.  I performed a great social facade of busyness and bullshit.  Too many balls in the air, too many plates spinning at the same time?  He looks great but on the inside he is empty.  Oh Shawn, come now being a bit too hard on yourself? Hardly!  In some circles this is called rigorous honesty, come clean cut the shit, enough of the static.

I have returned to the TMI Corp to work out only and hone the basic skills of speaking english to people.  Ok give me that again!!????  You are learning how to improve your basic speaking skills? Yeah, you would think that the doors of TMI would be bulging with people to get better at a basic social fundamental but go figure, some people’s kids????  I seek to keep a honed razors edge of basic talk, to improve daily and keep moving forward.  I am not a professional speaker, or a contest winner or a movie star, or any other the superlative nonsense that goes with hype.  At this point in the game I give Job Advice, end of story.  The same goes for my diet, my marathon training, my triathlon training, my stand up writing and my Chinese language learning.  I can hold my own anywhere, anyhow, any time.

I am far from anti social I have fallen in love once again with myself.  Self care, self respect, self worth.  Basic stuff that seems to get overlooked in the hype and hoopla of life in the 21st century.  I write this web log daily for me to practice writing, I swim to practice swimming, I run to practice…., I read to practice…., and I love to practice….

I seek my next career assignment with good people with heart and soul, a boss who knows the the technical aspects of their business with out being arrogant and an atmosphere of creation, contribution and compassion.  Financial renumeration commensurate with value and love investment.

Today’s word trinity: Creation, Contribution and Compassion.

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